Diaries from Holiday


Nice party atmosphere combined with any and all possible situations that may happen to young people dreaming of an unforgettable holiday adventure in some exotic place – all served in a professional and attractive format… The camera follows the protagonists during their holidays – when they go to parties and take part in social gatherings. The series was produced in the Canary Islands and in Lloret de Mare.

Scandals… cheating… affairs… twists which build up the suspense until the last minute. Each episode includes two interweaving stories. One of them is always the ending of a storyline from the previous week and the other one introduces new characters having new affairs and going through summer night fever, which really makes the audience heated up! It is a docu-fiction series which shows true emotions and real situations. In each of the four seasons of the series, more than 600 people went through the photo set. The organization of the photo set outside of Poland was a great logistical challenge for us as well as the opportunity to gain experience.


Telewizja Polsat