Difficult Matters


Difficult Matters shows in a documentary style what happens when the closest, the most important and the most emotional relations in our lives, that is family relations, are suddenly broken. We may experience what it means for a woman to be suddenly left with nothing to live on, what it means for a man to be suddenly deprived of contact with his children, and how children cope with the conflict between parents that turn their world upside down.

Betrayed wives and husbands, the feeling of being cheated on, the threat of losing a child, the end of a relationship full of love, trust and emotional security – the breakdown of the family is always a highly stressful situation for everyone involved – worrying, painful and frightening. The most emotional of those cases are settled by family courts. We are witnesses to the stories told there.

Each 44-minute episode tells a story of a family at the edge of a breakdown. At the beginning, we watch the background as well as the origins and development of crisis which then becomes the landmark in their lives. From that moment, we follow the situation with camera – at home and in the family environment where we experience how such a situation creates even greater challenges to the characters. There is a lot to fight for – children, money, love, self-esteem. The solution – at least the legal one – is given by the court in its ruling. At the end, we can see how the court ruling influences the lives of parents and their children.


Each episode lasts 44 minutes


The series Trudne sprawy is broadcast by Polsat at 1.00. PM from Monday to Friday. From the very beginning, the series has enjoyed record-breaking popularity.