Rewir is a series about the police from the Municipal Police in Wroclaw, particularly the Prevention Unit. The main characters are two police crews who are the first ones to arrive at the scene of the event. The cases they handle revolve around social topics. Resolving neighbors’ feuds, family drama, petty thefts, robberies or frauds are every-day reality of Wroclaw police officers.


Rewir also shows the police officers’ private lives. Every episode indicates that apart from being on duty and exposed to dangerous situations, the characters also face everyday problems and worries and they find joy in simple things. Each of the 20 episodes lasts approximately 45 minutes and consists of stories told from the perspective of two police crews. While watching the series, the viewer feels as if they were living the life of the police for one day. During that time, the police officers solve cases which they were assigned, and simultaneously, the viewer may be trying to guess who the culprit is.


45 minutes


CHIEF OFFICER – Lieutenant-Colonel Iwona Kluzik – Katarzyna Skoniecka
DUTY OFFICER / Non-commissioned officer – Radek Wilk – Piotr Czekalski
Senior Police Constable ROBERT PIETRASZEK “MONK” (“MNICH”) – Kacper Krupski
Warrant Officer Class 2 Agata Kwiecień – Daria Brudnias
Senior Police Constable Ewelina Wojteczek – Olga Pęczak
Warrant Officer Class 1 Kacper Małecki – Grzegorz Ciągardlak


The series was broadcast BY AXN and TV Puls.