Gra wstępna is a dating game show consisting of two stages. In each episode, a man or a woman gets the chance to examine four candidates and choose from them twice. During the first stage of the show, the selecting person does not see any of the candidates and makes the first decision only on the basis of their own feelings concerning the contestants’ personality and character. In the second part, they see all 4 candidates without knowing who has been eliminated or selected in the previous part. This time, the decision is made based on their appearance. Thus, we can check whether intellect goes hand in hand with appearance. The programme includes pieces of reportage, materials and information about the participants gathered earlier by the producer.

The programme does not have any fixed scenario and it is based on the participants’ spontaneous responses. The programme is hosted by Kasia Cichopek who can use lots of surprising materials to show the real character of the show participants. She will show the inside of their fridge, what they have under their beds, in their closets, she will go through their underwear, examine their last bills, bank statements, itemized telephone bills, or have a look at their private laptops. The selecting person will listen to the participants’ ex-partners’ opinions, to what their friends think about them, and even meet with their mothers. In such a way, the selecting person may acquire important information to learn more about them. They will get to know their faults, virtues, preferences and how they have managed their relationships thus far.


44 minutes


Kasia Cichopek