Know Your Rights!


Poznaj Swoje Prawa! is a docu-series inspired by everyday events. We watch people whose stories are all about fighting for justice. The characters may be involved in a family feud, e.g. a nasty divorce, they may try to win child custody, or one of them may be a boss who needs to take legal action against a corrupted employee. The characters are forced to fight their superiors, officials, neighbors, and sometimes even their own family members.

One of the main advantages of the series is real lawyers that narrate the story and make comments on what is happening to help the audience understand legal intricacies, regulations and restrictions. In order to ensure dramatic tension, both sides of every conflict are shown in every episode. The problems addressed in the episodes make the audience realize how easy it is to ruin someone’s life, and how hard it may get when a large family comes into a conflict with an intolerant neighbor, or when a single mom is trying to get alimony from an egoistic ex-husband.


44 minutes


TV Polsat