Sex in Poland


Seks po polsku is a programme that shows how to solve majority of our intimate problems in spite of the fact that Poles’ sex life is not an easy issue and lots of myths, views and stereotypes still persist in this scope. Everyday dilemmas and barriers in the bedroom affecting millions of couples may be solved by our specialists: Ryszard Smoliński – a gynaecologist and sexologist who has been treating male erectile and ejaculation disorders and female orgasm disorders for many years, Katarzyna Bartak-Surówka, a psychologist specialising in sexology who assists in overcoming any problems in an intimate and sexual life and advises people on the best ways to build partner relationships, and Krzysztof Tryksza, a clinic sexologist and qualified psychotherapist specialising in sex and pornography addiction. All our experts are members of the Polish Sexological Society. There are no taboo subjects related to sex for us. We have no objections to discussing impotence, cheating, fears, fetishes, and addictions. Seks po polsku is a programme in which the audience may find hints how to improve their relationships. Actual events, real experts and serious advice. Seks po polsku is a dramatized re-enactment of actual problems encountered by millions of couples every day.

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22 minutes