The Neighbours’ Secrets


Everyone has neighbours, but do we really know who they really are? It seems to us that we know a lot about the people who live next door. We see them almost every day – in a shop, on the street. Their everyday lives seem the same as ours, but appearances can be deceptive. Smiles, garden fences and thin walls hide incredible stories revealed in Sekrety Sąsiadów.

It is a completely new docu-fiction based on everyday life which captivates the audience and betrays secrets. Each episode shows incredible stories among neighbours, such as heated quarrels, cheating, love affairs, harassment, envy or obsessions – stories that make the protagonists’ lives chaotic. Each story is based on facts which have changed the lives of ordinary people for good. Twists, tensions, surprising and unexpected endings make each episode breath-taking and show that some people are not what they seem to be.


The series is broadcast by TV4 from Monday to Thursday at 6.30 PM.